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Bookworm Xpresso- August 31, 2021

Collagen and Coffee: What’s the Buzz?

In mythical legends the fountain of youth is said to restore youth to all who drink from it. If such a fountain did in fact exist,…

Image via @nousnou on Unsplash
Coffeeology Featured- August 13, 2021

Oven Roasted Coffee for Beginners

Much like any other recipe you would try at home, roasting your own coffee is the best way to experiment with different flavours and ultimately get…

Mushroom coffee, a ceramic cup, mushrooms and coffee beans on stone concrete background. New Superfood Trend. Copy space, selective focus.
Coffee Re-Treat Featured- August 4, 2021

What is Mushroom Coffee?

If what you envisioned was a bunch of mushrooms floating around in your delicious cup of java, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Mushroom coffee…