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Freedom Day

Corporate Citizen Events Java Club What's Brewing- July 4, 2021

Celebrating the 4th of July – What does freedom mean to you

Independence Day is an integral part of American history and culture. It was on this day that the 13 states of America became unified to represent…

Corporate Citizen Events- June 16, 2021

Juneteenth vs July 4th

While the two holidays take place only a few weeks apart, both days commemorate two significant events that took place in the history of America to…

Cheerful black girl laughing while having a meal with her parents in dining room.
Featured What's Brewing- June 16, 2021

Fun Things To Do On Juneteenth post Lockdown

The tragedies that have befallen our communities, though unfortunate, has given rise to a consciousness that will now forever be a part of our people. …

Corporate Citizen Events- June 14, 2021

What is the true meaning and history of Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is 155 years old and is celebrated on the 19th of June, hence the name June(nine)teeth. This day commemorates the emancipation of African-Americans from slavery…